Brilliant Earrings

Luxury and quality are the two words that define the brilliant earrings. In Tomas Colomer we bet on both and, therefore, our selection of brilliants could not miss. The diamond earrings are considered one of the star jewels both for the day to day and for special occasions. The jewels with diamonds are timeless and it adapt to the style of each person, as it can be found from the designs of shorter earrings to the longest.
What types of diamond earrings exist?
When choosing the earrings we must take into account the face and neck of the person who will choose them (especially if it’s a gift). The long diamond earrings, are perfect for all those women who have a long and stylized neck and who have a thin face. The semi-long diamond earrings , aimed at women with a normal but thin neck and a rounded face. And finally, theshort diamond earrings, called dormilonas, which are ideal for a woman with a short neck and a normal or rounded face. Finally, we also have small diamond earrings.

As for the design of brilliant earrings There are several details to consider. If you want some earrings for your wedding day (more special and with tradition) or if you are a middle-aged woman, we recommend a vintage design earring. If, on the contrary, you are a young woman, you have more avant-garde options that you will surely love.

As we have told you, if you are looking for brilliant jewels perfects for your wedding day, the brilliant earrings are a perfect complement. Remember, if the dress is important, the jewels are also important. Therefore, it’s important that you combine them correctly with your dress, usually, the brilliant earrings for brides simple, are the successful ones or, at the most, brilliant earrings and pearls. The simplicity, elegance and timelessness of the brilliants, make the earrings a safe bet. The design of brilliant earrings its very important.
We advise you on the purchase of brilliant earrings
Tomas Colomer has almost 150 years of experience in the jewelry sector. Our jewelers are fully trained so that they can advise you in the best possible way and above all, that you leave our physical store and our online store, happy with the jewel you bought.

If you decide to buy through the website, you should know that you can call us and we will advise you if you need it. You have our phone number at your disposal. If, on the contrary, you decide to come and see us, we will take the necessary time to have access to all our brilliant earrings catalog and you can make the decision without fear of being wrong.

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