Diamond rings

In Tomás Colomer we know that when you buy a jewel you want it to be forever. Therefore, the diamond rings they could not miss in our online store. Unique pieces for the most demanding customers. Those, who know what you want and who, dream of a diamond ring. Or, if you think about giving a unique jewel to your special person.

Love exists forever and, the love between a diamond and a woman endures beyond time. For example, in our online website and our physical store, you can find a wide variety of rings that would drive any woman crazy. The word luxury is defined by the star product of our collection, an imposing 18k white gold solitaire, brilliant cut diamond and a weight of 4.19k. Luxury at its best.

What to keep in mind when choosing a diamond ring?
In the first place you have to take into account the size since it determines its value. The size is responsible for how light penetrates into the Diamond ring. There are five types of sizes. An ideal size, very good, good, acceptable and poor. Bearing in mind that a first will offer an exceptional brightness, while the latter will make the ring barely shine.

Clarity is another characteristic to take into account when buying a diamond ring. Its purity, will be measured by the presence of inclusions visible to the naked eye, therefore, the purer the diamond, the more light it will reflect and therefore the more valuable it will be.

As for the diamond color, is a measure that influences both brightness and price, is measured in a GIA scale coined by the Gemological Institute of America, and goes from letter D (colorless) to Z (yellow).

And, of course, the weight is indispensable. It’s expressed in carats and its obviously, its value increases exponentially with weight, it is more difficult to find a big stone than a small one.

We advise you in the sale of diamond rings

At Tomas Colomer, backed by our almost 150 years of experience, we are specialists in advising you on the sale of rings and, if we talk about the luxury that entails a diamond ring, we are not going to leave you alone. If you don’t know where to buy a diamond ring, we're your best option. We have a wide catalog of diamond rings. If you decide to buy in our online store, we remind you that you have a phone at your disposal for any questions that may arise. If, on the contrary, you decide to come and see us, our team will advise you so that you always choose the best option.

A diamond ring It is a unique purchase and you deserve to be advised in the best possible way. Come, take your time, and we'll show you all the options. After seeing them all, it will depend on you and your style, or on the style of the person you are going to give it to, choosing one or the other. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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