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Brilliant rings: Care guide
The engagement rings divide the jewel's carat into several diamonds that are set throughout the ring's frame. The bright wedding rings are, in addition to an elegant and sophisticated engagement ring, a perfect gift for anniversaries, for Valentine's Day and other special occasions.

The wedding ring or covenant is a symbol of an eternal promise, used to represent the love and devotion of marriage. That is why we have made this care guide so that your ring keeps looking so beautiful with the passage of time.
How to take care of your ring
After all, your ring is going to be a permanent fixture in your left hand. It will face daily wear. The best thing you can do to keep it in top condition is to know the proper techniques for the care of the engagement ring.
Secure your brilliant ring
Securing your engagement ring is the first and most important point to complete when it comes to your care. The more valuable your ring is, the more important this step will be.

Even though no amount of money could replace the emotional connection you have with your original ring, the least you can do is have your ring professionally priced and then insured based on its value.

It’s always better to take precautions. Your engagement ring is a valuable piece of jewelry, as well as an important investment. Hiring an insurance will give you the additional security necessary to protect this important piece.
Keep track of your brilliant ring
If you take away the ring, save it in the same place each time. In this way, you will know where to find it when you want to put it back on.
Never take the ring in public if you can avoid it. The temptation can be strong, especially if you are in a public restroom. It is always better to keep the ring on your finger. By removing it, you run the risk of accidentally falling to the ground.

It may be tempting to want to put the ring in your pocket but it is also an unadvisable idea. At that time, the probability of finding it is very small. It is best to leave it on or take off the ring before leaving and leave it in a safe place at home.
How to take care of the brilliants of your ring
Although diamonds are strong, that does not mean they are indestructible. In fact, brilliant rings should be taken care of following these steps in a usual way.

First, clean your diamond. Enter the ring in an ammonia-based solution at night.
The next morning, brush it with a soft toothbrush. Pay extra attention to your back: it's the part that has picked the most dirt. Pay attention not to brush your ring of diamonds too hard, as they could loosen the barbs. Do not use chlorine or other abrasive chemicals. Do not forget to check the setting once every six months to make sure it is not loose, especially if you have a large diamond.
Third, take off the brilliant ring when you're cleaning, cooking and putting on cream or perfume.
Always keep your rings in a cloth-covered case. Keep your jewelry separated in different boxes or compartments and well separated, as they can scratch the other jewelry and also scratch each other.

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