Engagement rings

The delivery of engagement ring It’s the preliminary phase to any wedding organization. Your choice is very important and, most of the couples who visit us are usually a little lost. Therefore, we give you some key tips so that the election is perfect.
How to choose the engagement ring?
First of all, you should know that the tradition goes back to ancient Rome and has lasted through the ages. The meaning of the engagement ring it’s clear, the will to unite your life with the other person. The ring is placed on the finger annular, which represents the couple.

You know your partner but if you doubt what is the perfect piece, we help you interpret the engagement ring designsuitable. That is, whether traditional, if you like modern things, big jewelry, small motif, with diamonds, white gold engagement ring … Nobody wants to fail a day like this…

Secondly, and the part that we like least, the budget, consult the engagement rings prices. Not all stones are accessible to everyone but it is not the most important part to achieve success. There is a perfect ring for all pockets, if we like big stones in the engagement rings we can choose sapphires or emeralds, or assemblies where the size of the stone is not as important as the solitary engagement.

And finally, we recommend that you trust your instinct. Even if you think about asking your mother, your sister or your best friend, remember that you know her better than anyone else, so do not hesitate, I'm sure that with your ideas and our advice we get that engagement ring model with which she has always dreamed. It is one of the moments that your partner waits for all his life, so you have to do it well (No pressure, hu?).
We help you decide for the perfect engagement ring
Our jewelry has almost one hundred and fifty years of experience in the field of jewelery and, in such a case, in the sale of engagement rings in Barcelona. There are many couples who have decided to come and see us for the ring and that makes us extremely happy. Seeing couples always join and in all circumstances is nice. If you want it, at our online store you can locate many options so that you can get an idea of what you want.

In our physical stores, you will be advised in each of the processes of choice by our jewelers who will be responsible for advising you on what is the best option for your partner to say yes. Material, color, carats … we will search among all the products until we find the one you were looking for or we can make your dream by making a unique ring in our jewelry workshop. Come on! Take the step, decide and surely make it one of the best days of your life.

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