Gold earrings

First of all you should know that gold is a very valuable material and that is why in Tomás Colomer we bet a lot for it. At our online store and physics, you'll find a large selection of gold earrings.

Think about if you are going to want to have the slopes forever, that we imagine that yes, and secondly, think if you want to revalue them over time. If the answer is yes, gold is your material. The gold earrings are a timeless piece and, therefore, a safe bet. It has elegance and a lot of quality. Those in yellow gold are the most traditional and symbolize value and purity, while white gold has become a trend and is increasingly demanded.
The yellow gold earrings tend to be the most used when it comes to making slopes but, increasingly, the white gold earrings are imposing themselves. This material is usually accompanied by stones such as sapphire, emerald or rose quartz that give a touch of color to the piece.

Finally, and increasingly booming, the rose gold earrings are gaining strength. It arises from the alloy of pure gold, silver and copper. Results in an innovative 18-carat piece that is increasingly demanded by customers.

If you are going to make a gift we advise you to pay attention to how the other person is. The personality says a lot about the design of the earring to buy. If wear small, large, long, short … look carefully before choosing because it’s fundamental.

We advise you in the purchase of gold earrings
Our jewelry has almost 150 years of experience and that helps us to be a reference in the jewelry sector. In fact, as you can imagine, our employees know perfectly each of the products we have and will advise you so that the choice of gold earrings is the best. During all these years we have learned to know our clients well as soon as they enter through the door and that makes the difference.

Both in our online store like in the physical store, you can find a wide catalog of gold earrings in which surely, we will find one that suits you or the person you have thought of making the gift. If during your purchase through the website you have any questions, call us and we will be happy to help. And, if not, you are always welcome in one of our stores. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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