Gold Pendants

Gold is one of the most valuable materials and we, in Tomas Colomer, bet on it for a large number of our products. Therefore, the gold pendants are one of the indispensable categories. First of all, you should know that all of our products are of the highest quality , that is, gold that is revalued over time and that will be timeless, you can always count on it for the occasions you want.
Gold is a very valuable material and that is why in Tomas Colomer we are very engagement to obtaining products made with it. You can find them both in our catalog of products in the online store, and in our stores in Barcelona and Granollers.

What gold pendant to choose
A gold pendant it is forever, therefore, we advise you to think carefully about what you want before you buy it. The good thing that they have is that they are a timeless material and that, therefore, they are a safe bet. If you opt for the yellow gold pendants ç, you should know that it are the most traditional and symbolize the value and purity.
On the other hand, if you are thinking about buying a white gold pendant, we tell you that lately they are taking a lot of strength. It’s a more modern style and more bearable for day to day. Of course, the rose gold pendants combined with other natural stones, they are also a safe bet and our selection will enchant you.
The design is also important, in Tomas Colomer we have, for example, gold pendants with your name.

We help you choose the perfect gold pendant
Tomas Colomer was born in 1870 and we have almost 150 years of experience. So much time endorses us in the jewelry sector and, we assure you, that our jewelers will advise you in the best possible way so that you leave happy from our stores. Tell us how you are, what you like and with what idea you came. We, from there, will try to find the perfect piece.
In the case where the product is for gifts, we ask you the same. Get to know the person well, be interested in her/he and tell us about it. Sure we hit the detail. Both in our online store and in our stores, you can find all kinds of catalogs for everything you are looking for. You will find both gold pendants for women, as gold pendants for men.
In addition, you already know that you will be advised at all times when buying your gold pendant. We are at your disposal in stores and, of course, also by phone if you place the order online.
Now you just need to decide. We assure you that you will not regret your choice and that you will look radiant with your gold pendant.

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