Gold rings

Gold is an especially valuable material. Its value comes from color, because it is scarce since nature gives it and because it is easy to work subjected to a certain temperature. Its value and beauty makes our pieces in physical store and in the online store are largely from this material.

The difference between the different golds comes from the need to mix it with other materials to improve its hardness. According to the countries, the consistency of the gold that is worked is different, some countries in America work a lot of 14 karat gold or low gold, while in most of Europe they sell the pieces made in Ley gold which is ideal for work and ensure the desired finish and it comes to 18 carat gold. Gold in its purest form, is 24 carat gold.

Anyway, 18-carat gold, which is harder than 24-carat gold, suffers wear being taken: Therefore, the wedding rings or in the engagement rings, it has to have a considerable consistency if we do not want to be continually in the jeweler to repair the hoop.

Another one of the big unresolved questions about gold is the purity of its colors. The yellow gold, is the real color of gold and the rest of the colors in their shades depend on the alloys. The white gold and the rose gold.

The rings of yellow gold, are the most traditional and have always symbolized purity and value. For their part, the rings of white gold, have become a trend and increasingly, they are used for the most significant moments of a couple's life. It arises from the mixture of gold along with nickel, there is also an alloy of white gold materials to what they call the Italian league. Finally, the rings of rose gold, has been gaining strength in recent years as something new within the gold rings, arises from the alloy of pure gold, copper and silver. The result? an 18-carat piece that is innovative and increasingly demanded, in which the quality of gold is not affected.

Still do not know which gold ring to choose?
Tomas Colomer has almost 150 years of experience in the jewelry sector. Our employees know perfectly each of the materials and stones that we have at your disposal and will help you in your doubts and, of course, in the choice of the perfect golden ring. During all our years, we have acquired the 'power' to know what is what would make you happy and that, makes the difference.

In our online store, You can find a wide gold rings catalog in which surely, there will be some of them that suits your way of being or the personality of the person who will receive the detail. Remember that, if you have any questions, you just have to call us and we will be happy to assist you. If you prefer to see us live, we wait for you in one of our stores. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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