Heart Pendants

The meaning of the heart has always been associated with the purest of feelings. In the representation of love or friendship, it has had a very special role. In fact, the ancient Egyptians already used it as a symbol of purity. In this case, it is not surprising that a large number of pendants have their shape. In our online store and in our stores in Barcelona and Granollers, you will find a catalog of heart pendants sure you love them.
There are many ways to demonstrate love, and use heart pendants is one of them. But, it does not have to be only your partner, you can also give it to a relative or your best friend. Or, why not, to yourself that surely you deserve it.

What heart pendant to choose?
There are several products with different heart color and, therefore, it is also important that you think which one goes with you the most. As well as deciding which material to choose. Its exist in our broad catalog of heart pendants different models that go from the most traditional to the most abstract and modern. Of course, do not lose the essence of the word heart.
As we told you, giving this type of pendants with a heart design is a sure bet as the person to whom you give it, puts it with much love. So, if you have to do a detail and you do not know what to give, we've made it easy for you.
And, of course, it does not have to be Valentine's Day for hearts to be present in your details. Heart-shaped designs are always welcome.

We help you choose the heart pendant
¿Still have doubts? Tomas Colomer has almost 150 years in the jewelry sector and love and feelings are our strengths. Therefore, if you have not yet decided on what material, what color or what form to choose, ask us. If you choose to buy through our online store, you have our phone number at your disposal to help you solve all your doubts.
And if not, we invite you to come and see us at any of our two stores in Barcelona or at Granollers. In them, our team of jewelers will advise you to make the best decision.
You know, that jewelry is always a hit when it comes to giving. Or, if you make a gift to yourself, I'm sure you'll still get more. Think about your style, your way of being and the jewel you have always dreamed of. Uniting the three, you will find the perfect piece for sure. You know we're waiting for you with open arms. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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