Jewelery Workshop


The design of our jewelery makes each of them unique and for that reason we make available to our most demanding clients our jewelry workshop for the creation of jewelry, jewelry remodeling, jewelry arrangement no matter how delicate the piece or even for the appraisal of antique jewelry.

Our designs are not random chosen, are carefully chosen to not lose that distinction and elegance that has always characterized us but also with the study of the client and his needs and tastes. We have 150 years designing, creating and selling luxury pieces.

Therefore, we encourage you to make a decision, to let us share that special moment that you are going to live or, why not, be part of that piece that you have always deserved and now, finally, you decide to buy. Trust us, both in our physical store, as with the online purchase, we help you to get the jewel you want through our catalog or in our jewelry workshop.

The word “jewel” comes from the old French ‘joie’ which means joyfulness. And is that, these pieces could be understood as an extension of the person wearing it, who wears a jewel puts a little of joyfulness on his dress. For not adding, each person is unique, just like each jewel design is special.

In Tomás Colomer this is clear to us, therefore, every time one of you enters our door, or in our online store to buy jewelry, a world of possibilities opens up to find the perfect piece.

Both in our physical store, and in our online store, you have a wide sample of pieces to fall in love with. Or, depending on the case, with which to get to fall in love to that special person.

Luxury jewelery, designed especially for each type of person. Design jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings or pendants, for the most demanding and in any case, thanks to our experience and our jewelry workshop, we approach you what you want to get, trying to advise you in the best possible way.


We are present since 1870, almost 150 years of history endorse us. The experience in the sale of luxury jewelry makes us very special, and the most important, our history provides a long way in customer knowledge.

And experience teaches us about the changes, now, with the online sales section, we show our design jewelery to the whole world, with the ease of buying and receiving them at home. You have a short description so you know the product you are going to buy and you will never buy blindly, we will also advise you on online sales and if you decide this way, You always have an email or a telephone available to communicate with us. Our jewelry is luxury and you must buy it with confidence..

As you can see, we try to make your choice easy. That is, tell us what is what you want and our team will get to advise you so that the jewel that you choose, be special for you or for the person you gift it.