Watchmaking workshop

In Tomas Colomer we have been offering our clients an optimal service in watchmaking repair for more than 148 years, always accompanied by the best professionals in the watchmaking sector. We have our own workshop and approved by the technical service of the brands which we work with.

We are in the two most central points in the city of Barcelona and Granollers where we can advise and offer all our customers a fully customized technical service, adapting us to your needs.

We are official technical service of the leading brands in the watchmaking sector and we always have the highest technology in repair, restoration and tuning of all kinds of watch.

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Available services

In our own workshop, we perform repairs in short periods of time about:

Frequently Asked Questions

Guarantee and guarantee types.

There are two types of guarantees for your watch.

Purchase guarantee:

International 24 months from the moment of purchase, always under the conditions of use in the manual.

Must be completed with date, watch reference and establishment stamp.

Repair guarantee.

12 months since the repair.

To consider:

What is hermetism?

The hermetism is made in watches that can get wet.

The watch indicates well in its sphere or in the back cover the tightness for which it has been manufactured.

3 ATM or 30 meters : Resists accidental contact with water such as rain splashes (not washing hands, scrubbing, or showering…).

5 ATM or 50 meters : Resistant to light water contacts (washing hands, swimming in a pool, swimming in the sea (rinse with fresh water),…)

10 ATM or 100 meters : Resistant to water sports, even shallow diving. If when the battery is changed you think about submitting it to this type of uses, it’s advisable to make the hermetic test and if necessary change the rubber gaskets of the crown and the cover. (If the cap and crown are threaded , when opening for the battery change, with a simple revision of the joints state and a little bit of sealant in these will be enough so that the water does not enter the clock. 99% of watches are wetted by the joint of the crown which is the one that stresses the most, not by the cover where is openned to change the battery.

20 ATM or 200 meters : Resistant to deep diving. If you practice this type of sport, must always proceed the watch to the hermetism test.